The COPE process is based on questionnaires, which candidates submit to their local Central Labor Council (CLC). The CLCs then give candidates the opportunity to have a virtual or in-person interview to get a better idea of their background and vision as a candidate.

The endorsement process is based on work related issues like restoring prevailing wage, workplace safety, enforcing and strengthening licensing laws, opposing so-called Right-to-Work, etc.

The WV State Building Trades (WVSBT) participate in the COPE process. However, there are times when the Trades do not agree with the results of COPE and will take a different position.

The main difference with the WVSBT process is assessing the viability of a candidate to determine their probability of success. Candidate viability is measured in terms of campaign resources, name recognition, and the strength of their opponent.

The WV State Building and Construction Trades will be officially releasing their endorsements in the August ACT Report, following a
meeting of the executive board.

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